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Professional Rug Cleaning Swindon

Our Rug Cleaning Swindon services can handle every type and size made from vast range of traditional and modern materials. We can clean large area rugs, floor rugs, runner rugs, doormats, stair runners, kitchen rugs, and those compact ones that decorate your bedroom and drawing room. Our rug protection and cleaning methods can be customised for hand and machine woven rugs. We aim to retain the construction strength of the rugs in their existing conditions, while improving the visual and hygienic values. Hence, your rugs will be completely clean, hygienic and aesthetically perfect at the end of our Rug Cleaning Swindon.

Rug Cleaning – Types of Rugs

Cleaning rugs requires experience, expertise, and precision. We can clean bright and soft materials like wool, Cashmere, nylon, silk, jute, leather, and the latest synthetic materials. Our team has the experience of working with traditional, rustic, modern, mid-century, and antique types of rugs.

  • Area Rugs: vacuuming and hot water extraction are the two primary methods we use for cleaning the large area rugs in your home and office. Our procedures remove the micron level deposits of dirt, dust, soil and allergens from the deepest sections of the carpet. Our drying procedures extract all the water and cleaning liquid remnants from the rug’s layers. At the end you have a sparkling rug with mild fragrance that keeps your room perfect for living and working.
  • Runner Rugs:  Our Rug Cleaning covers every type of runner rug from hallway to stairs, and walkways. We use the best dry methods with spot treatments. Our high-tech equipment is customised to add brushes of various sizes with hard and soft bristles. We use the cleaning liquids and hot water extraction methods wherever required.
  • Outdoor Rugs: Our Rug Cleaning Swindon for outdoor rugs covers patios, terraces, corridors, and balcony. Since they are thicker, firmer, denser, and tougher, we use the spray and hot water extraction methods to remove every drop of dirt and allergens.
  • Luxury Rugs: Our Rug Cleaning Swindon is specially customised for luxury rugs made from silk, velvet and other expensive materials. We can handle tufted, knotted, woven and hooked styles of luxury rugs to ensure maximum cleaning and protection. Your rugs get refreshed, renovated, and hygienic with enhanced visual appeals. We can also handle antique and rare rugs that are highly delicate. Our manual cleaning with soft brushes, pure organic cleaners and essential oils can help retain its artistic and aesthetic features.

Rug Cleaning – Equipment & Efficiency 

Our Rug Cleaning equipment and tools work on the latest technology. They are designed for high, medium, and low pile rugs. We ensure pressure and temperature range to be perfect for the various types of cleaning methods. Proper air flow and large tanks for the cleaning solutions enable us to extend our cleaning hours and cover maximum areas in your office and home.

Pre spraying of rugs 15 to 20 minutes before cleaning helps us achieve maximum efficiency within the shortest span of time. Our expert team members can handle maximum workload within a given time schedule to ensure completely hygienic Rug Cleaning Swindon.

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